Food: Porn, Paparazzi and Pleasing To The Eye

The intersection of food and photography, while always important has, if nothing become democratized in the past few years.

Last week during Social Media Week, LA I had the opportunity to attend a few of the panels, one of which was Feed Me – How technology and social media are changing the way we eat.

I would probably be more specific. While the channels (social media, mobile computing, etc.) have changed the way we broadcast what we eat, I’d be more apt to say that the biggest revolution is the way we communicate information about food to each other. More pictures, fewer words. That is, along with taste and smell, visual appeal has gone well beyond something engaged in by food stylists to something to strive for by everyday cooks and small, hole-in-the-wall  restaurants.

A few tidbits I learned that exemplify that:

  • Over 40% of photos uploaded on Pinterest during the Superbowl were of food.
  • Desserts and well presented dishes are most shared on social media
  • Eighteen percent of food photo tweets are of food
  • Most uploaded food photos on Twitter occur at dinnertime!

My takeaway, surprisingly enough, was not “ feature lots of food photos on your brand site”. It was, what I have been successfully implementing with one of my clients right now – give your visitors an easy way to share their own food photos, recipes and tips.

Do this on your Facebook page, on Twitter and Pinterest and on your website. Easily double the number of ways you show your consumers how they can use your product by encouraging content developer fans to contribute.

And keep taking those pics yourself!