How to Drive Engagement



I grabbed this screenshot this morning after my usual early morning posting. How do you get numbers like these? Years of experience!

UPDATE: yes, of course – that number changed, but we consistently get engagement numbers twice the industry average for our clients!


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Maryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy with 4GreenPs. She has been managing Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and communities for 6 years – almost a lifetime of experience!


Frustrated by Facebook et al.

Ask any marketer what they think of social media and you are almost guaranteed ambivalence. We love it. We hate it. It’s a constant challenge. So, it was interesting to read Chief Marketer’s 2012 Social Marketing Study, which spells out exactly what it is that drives us crazy.

The most common frustrations linked to profits of course, are something that social media platforms are going to have to play a big role in figuring out… to stay in business. Those linked to content (creating, curating and managing) though, speak more to experience than anything else.

As I mentioned in this great post  on Spinsucks, which sparked a lot of conversation, there is the technical time management issue around social media which overwhelms us.  But in a classic forest versus trees conundrum, streamlining to seemingly optimize time spent, ends up costing more in terms of both resources and dollars than focusing on optimizing the delivery of the brand message.

It’s not so hard to reduce the frustration of providing content and reduce the work involved, when you focus on the brand voice and not the time it takes to deliver it.

What’s Hot. What’s Not

I’m sitting here putting various pieces of a program together for a client and wondering if a year from now, I’d do the same thing.

My program now is social media focused. A year from now, I think I would have more focus on mobile.

I’m putting the pieces together from 4 different vendors. A year from now, maybe I would use one of the growing cadre of full service social media vendors.

Facebook is a big part of the program. Google+ would surely play a bigger role next year.

…and whatever newer platform comes to the forefront will surely be included…..