Social Media Marketing For Socially Conscious Brands – A Digital Branding Approach


Thanks to everyone who attended my session. a special thanks to whoever shouted out from the back at the end of the presentation,

“This is the  most straight-forward presentation on social media that I have ever heard!”

I’ll be uploading the final presentation on slide share shortly. If you’d like a copy please email me: maryanne (at)

We’d love to help you grow your digital presence too – so please shoot us an email!




I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be featured at The Natural Products Exposition – ExpoEast in Baltimore this year

EE11_Logo  On Friday, September 27, 2013 from 12:30-1:30, I’ll be speaking on how to harness the power of social media to speak with the full spectrum of consumers in the natural products space from deep green consumers to mainstream moms.

I’m pleased to be able to address brands attending the conference this year as digital marketing, and in particular social media moves from a tactic brands have rushed to master to an integral part of the marketing mix.

I’ll be focusing on strategy, content and social media planning and how to address the mainstream consumer – a potentially huge market for natural brands with the right message that meets the light green consumer needs.

A Fun and Interactive Session with Straight Forward Learning Objectives:

  • Identify emerging consumer segments in the natural products space with particular focus on mainstream consumers
  • Understand effective brand messaging for natural brands engaging with  mainstream consumers on social media
  • Achieve new insights into consumer purchase behavior and the impact of new technologies
  • Analyze effective use of social media for green brands and Identify the top social media tools and practices that best meet your brand’s marketing objectives.

I hope to see you there on Level 300, Room 319 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Be sure to email me (maryanne (at) for a copy of this presentation!

professional content creation   Maryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Marketing, a consulting firm focused on green and sustainable industries, fresh produce, food, Hispanic marketing and marketing to Moms.  Connect with her on Twitter @maryanneconlin


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