Crowdfunding Marketing

local banner May 16th marks a revolution in small business financing and you can be part of it.

Have you been following the new equity crowdfunding rules that go into effect on Monday May 16th?  It’s a big deal.  Forbes notes that equity crowdfunding will

…have massive implications for startups and investors alike, allowing everyday citizens to invest in startups. This will open up a tremendous amount of capital available to early stage companies. – Forbes

This tremendous amount of capital will flow to growing companies who have a well-developed business plan, strong financials, a solid social media presence and a catchy and exciting tag line/mission statement and marketing plan. Importantly, all of this venture capital won’t be chasing tech, won’t only be interested in unicorns, won’t only flow to young male geeks.  Like Warren Buffet, most ordinary investors want to invest in what they know. That means this “disruption” of traditional financing will see more money flowing to restaurants, and fashion and beauty and boring B2B businesses too …lots of different types of businesses that meet the needs of ordinary people.

RedRopes Digital can help you develop those plans and market your offering. Most crowdfunding marketing companies focus on traditional crowdfunding, not the development of professional marketing plans required in the equity market.  Our unique skill set combines years of  experience working with start-ups and growing companies, on IPO’s and public offerings with the sophisticated social media outreach you need to reach investors for your company.

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