Get a Good Laugh From Magisto’s Latest Research Report

majisto donald

Magisto,“the world’s most popular smart video storytelling application” needs a bit of marketing help or at least someone who can interpret a research report.

The new survey report, Unlocking The Most Powerful Shift In SMB Marketing, released this week has some great information on the differences in the way Baby Boom Marketers and Millennial Marketers deploy their resources:

The survey found that millennial marketers are 84 percent more likely to use social media to promote their small businesses than invest in print advertising; …By contrast, nearly one out of three baby boomers marketing small businesses employ TV ads and other legacy marketing options.

Those differences seem to be a bit high to me, but, let’s assume they are true. My initial response to this was, the right answer to effective marketing for most SME’s is probably somewhere in the middle…a little heavier on the social for younger target markets and a little heavier on the traditional for older target markets.

Magisto’s CMO Reid Genauer , however, absurdly drew the following conclusion.

“Millennials retain the same basic marketing objectives as their older colleagues, but are besting their counterparts with a more evolved media mix, greater authenticity, more sophisticated targeting …“Even when baby boomers use social channels, they’re publishing outdated product centric ads, and are missing their audience and the real opportunity by treating Facebook like late night local TV.”

Since, the report didn’t actually explore the effectiveness of the marketing techniques used or the success rate of the businesses of those surveyed, it’s a wee bit hard to come up with a line like “ Millennials…are besting their (Baby Boomer) counterparts…” Really?

I get that Genaur runs a video storytelling application and so would very much like to interpret the findings in his favor, but insulting the 66% of small business owners that are Baby Boomers is probably not the way to do it.

More helpful would be promoting the integration and synergistic effect of using legacy and social together. Clips from that YouTube video can also be used on local TV. A storytelling strategy can be interpreted a number of different ways.

It’s O.K. to actually NOT interpret a research study you conduct. It’s not generally considered a good P.R. strategy to annoy 2/3rds of your target market. Oh wait, that actually IS the preferred P.R. strategy this election cycle…on social…by a Boomer.

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