Social Ads – What Next?


socialfun-300x225With the recent news about both Pinterest and Tumblr pursuing an ad model…or at least a model that brings in money, I’m starting to think about media ad allocation in the social space. To date, there have been only a few big players, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube…and a fairly clear understanding of how advertising on each of them impacts a brand’s advertising goals.

As a marketer really, really neurotic about objective based marketing, I’ve tested and tested advertising on the Big 4 and have a good feeling for the target I can reach with each and how to most effectively reach that target. Adding in two more platforms starts to make it a little fuzzier.

Social ad dollars, in general foster fewer click through than banner ads and other ad vehicles on publication sites, but much better brand engagement.  In other words, I know what I am looking for when I place an ad on Facebook or promote a tweet on Twitter.  What I’m not sure about is how much overlap there is going to be on Tumblr and Pinterest or if either of those platforms are going to add a lot of incremental value.

I’m planning on recommending tests on both for some of my clients, but I’ll be looking hard for metrics.

Just sayin’



professional content creationMaryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Digital. She likes to crunch numbers about any social media platform…and think really hard about the value.