E-Book Sales Outpace Adoptors- Of Course

fairy bookThis is one of those geeky posts I do for my own pleasure in “stat busting”.  The words, Ebooks Now 23% of U.S. Publisher Sales  jumped out at me, like the unexpected movement of an errant fly as I scanned the headlines this morning. News about EBooks gets less breathless each year as “Ho-Hum” technology fights the glitter and glitz of the techy news media – but I believe there is something to think about here that will shape how we market to various consumer segments.

First the statistics busting- well not busting so much as replacing the breathless quote,

Interestingly, ebook revenues appear to be outpacing user adoption of the format, albeit only slightly. According to a study published by Pew last week, 21% of American adults have read an ebook in the past year.

Sometimes I hate the 24 hour news cycle that causes a writer in to include in an article or post that something is “interesting” because he or she doesn’t have time to research what it really is…which is expected. The Pew Study also showed that, like in most categories – heavy users read the majority of the books.  Ebooks are like a apps, not like tablets. So, yes, we would expect there to be a faster increase in the number of ebook sales than in the number of early adoptors of the technology.

That said, the next big trend that I see is children’s picture books finally moving in great numbers to the screen, as article after article talks about iPads and infants and the increased usage in the diaper crowd.

More about that next week.

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Maryanne Conlin likes to crunch numbers on just about any social media platform, but as an early ebook adoptor – loves to geek around with numbers about books.