CES Versus Aunt Amy

ces imageThe past few days the news out of Las Vegas has crackled with the oohs and ahhs of techies getting their fix. Bright lights, warm days, cold nights and lots of walking sans subway or ANY available taxi.

For the rest of us, our days have been punctuated with breathless tweets, posts littered with capital letters and video with lots of background noise. Fortunately this 30,000 mile up view of the Consumer Electronics Show, obtained through repetitive searching on various platforms, tweeting, talking and texting with those actually at CES and a healthy dose of eye rolling, is exactly what we need to parse what the impact of all these gadgets on CPG businesses.

Seriously…what techies think is the coolest new gadget, might not be the one that consumers grab onto and make their own in a totally unexpected way. We won’t know that for a while. But we can get a head start this year because:

THIS holiday season was definitely a “gadget Christmas”, where adoption rates of new electronics soar and every home seems to have one brightly wrapped for a household member. This year, that gadget was the tablet.

In one of those great example of the complexities of the human brain, as we look at the latest, out of this world, new technology at CES, we can’t help but overlay the image of Aunt Amy stashing her iPad mini in her purse, Grandma dropping her tablet into kitchen drawer  and dad his Surface in the den under the remote….with the HDMI cord.

This opportunity for most of us to watch technology adoption close up, while peeking ahead to see what’s new…might just give us some insight on what really SHOULD be next… Just sayin’

headshot newMaryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy with 4GreenPs.  She has been to technology trade shows enough times to know that it’s good to reality-check the hype. She can often be found pestering family and friends and often complete strangers on  how they use tablets, smart phones and computers.

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