Image Strategy The New “To Do” in 2013

Happy New Year!

Image Strategy
With New Year’s Day on a Tuesday, staggered returns to work seem to be the rule this year, which makes “3 Somethings for the New Year” posts rampant. So I’ll jump right in with my thoughts on 2013.

As noted in It’s Time For An Image Strategy, in social media, the image has become King. We’ve finally began to realize that a picture is worth 144 characters…or something like that. While it began to dawn on those of us who spend every day crafting content and pouring over analytics that posts, tweets, comments…you name it, perform better with a large juicy picture, the idea of an overall strategy is just beginning to take hold.

While getting great pictures, can at first seem frustrating, the sheer volume of user created content has made that less of an issue, with a little patience. The new demanding task is lining up the graphic with the message.

As we’ve learned, the key to an effective social media strategy, that extends from your website through all of your platforms is consistency. Develop a voice, create a series of messages, execute them in a variety of ways across channels.

Now add your images.

Turning that around and making images an integral part of your message strategy is the new task for 2013.

How do you plan to make that happen for your brand?

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Maryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy with 4GreenPs.  She loves photos of good looking food and cute animals.

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