How to Drive Engagement



I grabbed this screenshot this morning after my usual early morning posting. How do you get numbers like these? Years of experience!

UPDATE: yes, of course – that number changed, but we consistently get engagement numbers twice the industry average for our clients!


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Maryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy with 4GreenPs. She has been managing Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and communities for 6 years – almost a lifetime of experience!

Success and Fun with User Generated Content

UGC is such a techy sounding term for asking fans to send in what makes them love your brand. (UGC) User Generated Content, at its core is people sharing their personal stories.

Mashable’s story today on UGC, concentrated on fashion brands, with a CPG, feel good campaign thrown in as well, but some of the real opportunities are for food brands, though, most every B2C brand can benefit.

User generated content, is tapping into the vast number of users of your product and letting them share how they use it. Trust me, they’ll think of ways you never even considered!

Here’s an example of a program we ran on Pinterest for Avocados from Mexico to generate recipe ideas. I would have thought of avocado chiffon pie?


ugc pinterest shot










And consider The Pillsbury back-off – probably the first large scale example of UGC










The key to a successful UGC campaign in the social world is 360 integration. Create your campaign. Be creative and integrate as many of your social sites into the program as possible. Have a sharing option on Instagram; enter through Facebook; encourage photos and video on Twitter.

User generated Content stretches your marketing budget, drives organic traffic to your website and engages your fans. Yes, there are a number of legal hurdles, easy to address once you know the ropes. And coming up with a creative idea in a noise filled social media space can be challenging, but reaching out to fans is an easy way to accomplish two goals at once – engagement and content – UGC-E?


headshot newMaryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy with 4GreenPs. She loves to create  content and read content that other people create.

CES Versus Aunt Amy

ces imageThe past few days the news out of Las Vegas has crackled with the oohs and ahhs of techies getting their fix. Bright lights, warm days, cold nights and lots of walking sans subway or ANY available taxi.

For the rest of us, our days have been punctuated with breathless tweets, posts littered with capital letters and video with lots of background noise. Fortunately this 30,000 mile up view of the Consumer Electronics Show, obtained through repetitive searching on various platforms, tweeting, talking and texting with those actually at CES and a healthy dose of eye rolling, is exactly what we need to parse what the impact of all these gadgets on CPG businesses.

Seriously…what techies think is the coolest new gadget, might not be the one that consumers grab onto and make their own in a totally unexpected way. We won’t know that for a while. But we can get a head start this year because:

THIS holiday season was definitely a “gadget Christmas”, where adoption rates of new electronics soar and every home seems to have one brightly wrapped for a household member. This year, that gadget was the tablet.

In one of those great example of the complexities of the human brain, as we look at the latest, out of this world, new technology at CES, we can’t help but overlay the image of Aunt Amy stashing her iPad mini in her purse, Grandma dropping her tablet into kitchen drawer  and dad his Surface in the den under the remote….with the HDMI cord.

This opportunity for most of us to watch technology adoption close up, while peeking ahead to see what’s new…might just give us some insight on what really SHOULD be next… Just sayin’

headshot newMaryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy with 4GreenPs.  She has been to technology trade shows enough times to know that it’s good to reality-check the hype. She can often be found pestering family and friends and often complete strangers on  how they use tablets, smart phones and computers.

Image Strategy The New “To Do” in 2013

Happy New Year!

Image Strategy
With New Year’s Day on a Tuesday, staggered returns to work seem to be the rule this year, which makes “3 Somethings for the New Year” posts rampant. So I’ll jump right in with my thoughts on 2013.

As noted in It’s Time For An Image Strategy, in social media, the image has become King. We’ve finally began to realize that a picture is worth 144 characters…or something like that. While it began to dawn on those of us who spend every day crafting content and pouring over analytics that posts, tweets, comments…you name it, perform better with a large juicy picture, the idea of an overall strategy is just beginning to take hold.

While getting great pictures, can at first seem frustrating, the sheer volume of user created content has made that less of an issue, with a little patience. The new demanding task is lining up the graphic with the message.

As we’ve learned, the key to an effective social media strategy, that extends from your website through all of your platforms is consistency. Develop a voice, create a series of messages, execute them in a variety of ways across channels.

Now add your images.

Turning that around and making images an integral part of your message strategy is the new task for 2013.

How do you plan to make that happen for your brand?

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Maryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy with 4GreenPs.  She loves photos of good looking food and cute animals.