A Yummy Bi-lingual Campaign

It’s pretty awesome to see a write up on your work from a totally unexpected source! When I ran across this post A yummy bilingual social campaign and website, I Love Avocados / Amo Los Aguacates, I was happy to see our work for client, Avocados From Mexico highlighted by another agency. Thanks Content Hunting!


As noted in the article, we use two hashtags, one in English #Iloveavocados and one in Spanish #amolosaguacates and though not noticed by the author, we do both tweet and post on Facebook in both languages… though a lot more in English – reflecting the nature of the mostly 2nd and 3rd generation, English dominant, digital Latina.


Managing an effective digital campaign, requires looking at every piece of your digital program and integrating it into the program…times two if the campaign is bilingual! So, for Avocados From Mexico, each platform and each social media site gets in on the act on every promotion we run.

So nice to hear these words:

All in all, a very well managed campaign! And now I’m hungry…

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What Makes Great Content? Brand BFF’s of Course!

Today in MediaPost, I ran across an article, Effective Content Marketing. Of course the most interesting  part of the post, to me anyway, was how the focus of social media has changed as consumers more and more want original content and true engagement with brands. A number of forward thinking brands are already moving beyond formulaic community management and their number if growing.

.great content

As a brand marketer who took up blogging as a hobby initially and then irresistibly starting marketing it, I have seen the challenges that brands face getting the tone just right in this two way communication  online world.

Actually engaging consumers, as opposed to communicating with them takes a bit more than hiring someone to schedule regular posts on Hootsuite and putting up an occasional blog post that ties in so very neatly with the current brand promotion.

Engaging means talking about what consumers want to talk about, when they want to talk about it and inserting, but not always your brand in the conversation. Engaging means getting up at 3:00 in the morning on occasion to jump into the Twitter conversation going on in London. Engaging means  reacting to a trending conversation by whipping up a quick blog post, or recipe or Pinterest  board and jumping in.

Sounds exhausting. It’s worth it.  Engaging builds relationships.

The key to an effective content strategy  is expending energy upfront and creating a place for you and your brand in the online conversation. This, sometimes quite magically, but assuredly with some sort of psychological underpinning results in a whole phalanx of BFF’s…otherwise known as brand advocates flooding your inbox with opportunities, RT-ing and repining your brand content and offering opportunities for your brand in the wider world of online engagement.

Great content doesn’t need to be hard or hard to measure. It just needs to be strategic.

headshot newMaryanne Conlin is CEO of RedRope Digital provider of engaging content for web sites and social media. Experienced content creators in food, green and consumer products and experts in reaching out to both Hispanic and general market moms, Maryanne counts many prominent bloggers as her BFF’s.