Caught Creating Branded Content

I wasn’t surprised to read today about the real need for content creation. According  to Outsource Success: Brands Re-Up Content Marketing  the vast majority – almost 80% of brands are rapidly shifting into branded content.

Since content, especially well crafted and on target can be used across multiple channels and properties, the need is clear. In a “conversation” versus a “one to many” world, more and more content needs to be created in the specific way that allows it to be used on multiple levels in many different ways.

The content creation “time-suck” increasingly obvious to even the most newly created social media team, seems destined to drive outsourcing to teams of content creators well versed in multiple ways to create and use content. It’s a unique way of thinking.

When we create content, we, perhaps after all of these years, think globally and write globally. How can we translate this into a Facebook post? How does this headline work on Twitter? Is the SEO strong? What parts would work well on Pinterest? Is there a graphic element I can include How do readers use this type of content? How will they share it?

The explosion in content has whipsawed we web writers from crafting long thoughtful pieces of self expression to cramming key words into a framework of a thought back to carefully selected word-smithing for selected audiences. It’s been a heady ride.

In times like these, I thank my parents for ensuring that I was both a voracious and eclectic reader. Voice, tone and experience  drive engagement – connect with the intended audience on their level and in the way they want to use your content and engagement explodes. So, reading People, Gourmet, Kiwi and National Geographic Kids, along with Malcolm Gladwell and Hemingway and Austin with a dollop of  CNET, WSJ and Yoga Journal thrown in, may make my more literary minded friends laugh, but make my job easier!

 Maryanne Conlin, CEO of RedRopesDigital likes browsing the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble.

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