You can’t Advertise Yourself out of a Bad Relationship!


The above from an article by Bob Garfield about the recent presidential election, called Advertising Loses in a   Mudslide. The article, of course deals with the massive advertising campaign put on by the Romney campaign which was overshadowed by gaffes and inauthenticity perceived by voters. I don’t want to get into politics here, because the “Ah Ha” that I got out of it was reinforced by a fan comment one of my clients got on more or less the same point.

Advertising has a new challenge – authenticity. Not that we haven’t learned that over the past few years with the scandals du jour of the likes of Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods, but as fan engagement through social media and online interaction increases, brands must strive even harder to stay on message in everything they do.

This means vetting every celebrity endorser to the nth degree or coming up with a good response to the now absolutely inevitable and extremely loud response from a strong base. The harder you work to build a fan base, the more you can expect dissenting voices.

My takeaway is not so much that advertising is dead, but that advertising need to be more and more closely aligned with the 24/7 feedback arriving via social media.


 Maryanne Conlin, CEO of RedRopesDigital likes maintaining relationships especially when they lead to good conversation     and good food.

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