Tablets Take Over

It’s official – 12% of the population now owns a tablet computer. What’s interesting for those of you who still think young techies are driving this…over half of all purchases are made by households with children.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me as I have always seen the tablet, not as something to be carried around, as a work tool, Tablets strike me as the perfect replacement for the small TV’s we have scattered around the house: in kitchens and bedrooms and garages.

Yes, they can be carried around, but at lower and lower price points, they become, a productivity tool, for the home. As women now buy more electronics than men, in their role as household shopper – we’ll see more and more usage as a home management tool- start working on those apps!

What’s Hot. What’s Not

I’m sitting here putting various pieces of a program together for a client and wondering if a year from now, I’d do the same thing.

My program now is social media focused. A year from now, I think I would have more focus on mobile.

I’m putting the pieces together from 4 different vendors. A year from now, maybe I would use one of the growing cadre of full service social media vendors.

Facebook is a big part of the program. Google+ would surely play a bigger role next year.

…and whatever newer platform comes to the forefront will surely be included…..

A Few Predictions For 2012

As it is January, it is quite obvious to me that I am expected to have, at this point, completed a spot on list of predictions for the social media space. Ever the over achiever, I have several this year.

The first, Three Predictions For 2012, appeared in Media Post a few weeks ago. I write for EngageMoms on Media Post once a month and that was my December contribution.

The second list I have been touting to my friends and goes something like this…improving economy…lots of start ups…. job picture will look up and….kids will move from computers and iTouch to tablets this year…ebooks will finally become mainstream as Kindles and Nooks flood the market…cable providers could be in trouble with new ways to connect to programming.

The third list, which is really just one item masquerading as a list, is this. The next year will be one of great change in marketing. Positioned as it is at the start of a recovery that will be led by tech and result in multiple new places to reach consumers, 2012, will be one of those years where, just as brands thought they had transitioned to the new economy, a disruptive force makes them think again.

This force Let’s call it” the force of many places” will be driven by the explosion of some of the technologies I’ve mentioned in my two other lists. Marketers who have been down this path before, and seen disruptive times have the advantage of deja vu.

I’m looking forward to it!